About Us:

MK-AS, s.r.o. is an accounting company whose founders are accountants with long-standing experience in companies with foreign share. It has provided comprehensive accounting and tax service for its clients since 2001.

Owing to our experince with foreign clients, our company is able to provide all the services required in the field of accounting and taxes not only to small and medium size clients but also for big international businesses whose branches and subsidiaries operate in the Czech Republic.

Our clients are mainly companies operating in the field of civil engineering, mining industry and economic and professional services. One of our important clients is a branch of an international company which produces plastic caps for bottles as well as cosmetics.

Among our clients there was a company very well known around the world for its human-resource counselling provided to top managers. The aforementioned company has its subsidiaries in 40 countries around the world. Naturally, we offer our services to small companies and individuals as well.

We believe in tailoring the services with the client in mind. Therefore, the prices are based on the scope of the services provided and the required qualification.